Our Services

OCSC helps people migrate to the US through investment in California. Our services include:

Investment / E-2 Company

  • Prepare and file E-2 visa documents and provide visa interview guidance
  • Arrange California tour to select business and residence location
  • Set up E-2 Company: LLC registration, license, etc.
  • Guidance on funds transfer to USA
  • Prepare Business Plan
  • Provide Branded Sales and Marketing Materials (website, social media, cards, brochures, etc)
  • Provide 6 months business operations training and guidance
  • Provide 6 months Supplier management (landlord, communications, utilities, etc), book-keeping and accounting services

Family Relocation

  • Guidance on school admission for children, health care, insurance coverage
  • Guidance on relocation of personal property / home set up / buying a car
  • Arrange tax preparation
  • Prepare E-2 spouse work permit